Mark your calendars for the 6th annual Portland Farmhouse & Wild Ale Festival returning March 24th and 25th 2018 to venue host Saraveza and their back bar and side street for Oregon’s largest event dedicated to the rustic style of ales. Advanced tickets are now on sale for a special Friday evening VIP session on March 23rd, General Admission on Saturday and Sunday and a new Sunday 2-pack Special. 



The 6th annual Portland Farmhouse and Wild Ale Festival is pleased to announce an exclusive new collaboration with Tillamook brewers De Garde Brewing called The Nectarine Cuvée . Bottles will be available exclusively to festival attendees on a first come first serve basis this March 23-25th, 2018 at Saraveza, the Bad Habit Room and an outdoor tent along N. Michigan St. In addition to the exclusive beer from De Garde, the festival is pleased to announce the list of participating breweries and beers which will rotate through more than 25 available at any one-time.


The Portland Farmhouse and Wild Ale Festival is the largest celebration of rustic, complex, tart and funky Belgian and French-inspired ales from America. The fest features over seventy-five different farmhouse ales from over thirty different brewers over the three-day event. General Admission tickets are available in advance or at the gates for Saturday and Sunday sessions. VIP Friday night session is only available for pre-sale and will sell out in advance.

De Garde The Nectarine Cuvée Bottle Sales

Portland Farmhouse Festival/De Garde Brewing’s The Nectarine Cuvée  will be on sale for $20, available in 750ml bottles with very limited draft to festival attendees-only while they last. First come, first serve.


The Nectarine Cuvée description:

Exclusively for the Portland Farmhouse & Wild Ale Festival,  we offer this limited and special coolship beer. Fermented & aged in oak with our native yeast and bacteria, re-fermented with Nectarines & conditioned in local Gin barrels. Brewed & Bottled by: de Garde Brewing Tillamook, Oregon



In addition to Saraveza’s regular full menu available inside the tavern, their kitchen will have farmhouse inspired offerings in the beer tent.  Enjoy a cheese plate, a charcuterie plate or a fresh chicken salad sandwich with bacon, avocado, cranberries, tarragon and almonds on a ciabatta bun from Saraveza’s outdoor food table.  



Bring a friend and get a discount! 2 collectible branded farmhouse festival glasses and 15 drink tickets for only $40



Friday, March 23rd, 4-10pm: VIP SESSION (pre-purchased VIP tickets only)

Saturday, March 24th, 12-10pm: General  Admission

Sunday, March 25th, 12 – 6pm: General Admission & 2 person ticket special



Agrarian Ales: Proper Brettiquette

Old World Pale, 6.2%


Agrarian Ales: Origin of Extraordinary – Funkhand Saison

6% abv, conditioned with Brett C. in stainless


Alesong Brewing & Blending: Apricot Sky

After nearly a year aging in oak and acacia barrels with Brettanomyces, this petite blond ale was matured on apricots. Tart, crisp, and lively, this refreshing beer is packed with juicy stone fruit flavors and finishes with a lingering acidity 5.2% abv.


Alesong Brewing & Blending: Saison Lorane

Dry-hopped saison (Hopped with Mandarina Bavaria). 7.2% abv.


Alesong Brewing & Blending: Terroir Pinot Gris

The third in our series of wine grape-matured farmhouse ales, Terroir celebrates the grape harvest in the Southern Willamette Valley and the closing of another successful year. Freshly pressed 2016 Pinot Gris juice from King Estate Winery was added to this farmhouse ale to add underlying aromas of honey and pear with bright citrusy flavors of orange, and meyer lemon. Toast the upcoming holiday season with a taste of Oregon terroir. 7.1% abv.


Alesong Brewing & Blending: Pinot Spontanee

This deep pink to crimson colored beer was spontaneously fermented on Pinot Noir must from Benton-Lane Winery and has notes of dark berries, dried fruit and hints of forest floor on the finish. The wild fermentation created a medium acidity and a touch of barnyard funk to lend subtle complexities to our first lambic-inspired ale.8.5% abv.


Allegory Brewing: All the Free Time (collab w/ Matchless Brewing)

French Saison aged on Stoller Vineyard pinot noir grapes in freshly emptied Stoller pinot noir barrels. Dry, fruit forward, and clean.  The beer and wine world colliding. – 8.2%


Allegory Brewing: Kiwi Berry Funk

Mixed fermentation beer conditioned on 400 pounds of local kiwi berries from Hurst Berry Farm and fermented with Brett C and blended with our house lacto culture. 6.4%


Allegory Brewing: Maybelle See You Later (collab w/ The Commons Brewery)

Rustic saison fermented in freshly emptied Maybelle barrels from The Commons Brewery. – 5.6% – $85


Anchorage Brewing: Easy Evil

Saison brewed with Motueka and Saaz hops. Fermented in oak tanks with two strains of Brettanomyces. Aged on black raspberries. 8% abv.


Anchorage Brewing: The Nectar

Saison brewed with Honey, Malted Oats, and Hallertau Blac hops. Fermented in oak foudres with Brettanomyces and Saison yeast. Bottle conditioned for natural carbonation.


De Garde Brewing: Hose

Dry-hopped gose style ale. Aged in oak barrels with Coriander and Citrus Peel


Dwinell Country Ales/Brothers Cascadia: Cascadia Crossing

A collaboration with Brothers Cascadia Brewing. A live-culture, mildly tart ale dry-hopped with Rakau, Vic Secret, and Motueka that bring out a Pineapple juice flavor.


Dwinell Country Ales/Bale Breaker: Farmhand

A spring seasonal spiced with roasted coriander then bountifully hopped with Citra and Mandarina Bavaria. Brewed in collaboration with Bale Breaker Brewing Company (Yakima, WA). 6.5% ABV


Dwinell Country Ales: Cabin Fever

Malty. Spicy. Smooth. A traditional, artisanal beer from Northern France with a rich maltiness, a spicy hop character, notes of clove, and a dry finish. 8% Abv.


Engine House No. 9: Brussels Ring

Our take on a Belgian Pale ale with a little northwest twist. Brewed with locally grown Skagit Valley pilsner malt, and dry hopped with comet and bitter gold. Classic Belgian phenolic aromatics, slight funk from our house brett blend mixing with light stone fruit and citrus from a generous dry hop, on top of a full bodied malt backbone.


Floodland Brewing: Drive out the Spirits

a blend of wild spelt beer and saison refermented on ‘Early Blue’ blueberries from Mossyrock, Washington.


Floodland Brewing: Grail and Waysigns

an open fermented wheat saison


Great Notion Brewing: Contraband

This Saison was fermented with a wild strain of sacchromyces and traditional farmhouse ale yeast.


Goodlife Brewing/The Ale Apothecary: Brett Lager

Dortmunder style lager brewed at GoodLife’s production facility. After 2 months of cold-conditioning, we transferred the beer into Sokol Blosser barrels and allowed the beer to warm up to ale temperatures, then added The Ale Apothecary’s wild house yeast culture to further evolve the beer during the 18-month barrel aging process. 8.5% abv.


Holy Mountain Brewing: Vesper

Brett Table Beer


Holy Mountain Brewing: Misére Au Borinage

Foudre aged Grisette


Holy Mountain Brewing: Solarian

Foudre Fermented Saison


Holy Mountain Brewing: A Dangerous Meeting

Port Barrel aged Belgian-Style Dark Ale (collab w/ Other Half)


Libertine Brewing: Pacific Ocean Blue Gose

Our Gose recipe has changed many times over the years but the one constant is the use of our local sea water for the salt additions. This tart and slightly salty golden ale is a brewery favorite and truly gives you a taste of our Central Coast region in a glass. 4.5% abv.


Little Beast Brewing: Field Folk version 2

5 grain saison. 5.5% abv.


Logsdon Farmhouse Ales: ZuurPruim

ZuurPruim or sour plum is a mixed culture tart farmhouse ale aged for 4 months on Yummy Beaut plums in Cabernet Sauvignon barrels. 7.2% Abv.


Logsdon Farmhouse Ales: Brett Table Bier


New Braunfels Brewing: Heavenescent

a blend of multiple barrels of Blondine from our cellar. Some are second use from previous projects, others are fairly neutral and all blend together to create a complex sour beer. 5.5%abv.


New Braunfels Brewing: Das Lokal

85% white wheat Hefeweizen, Blondine, aged 3-4 months in red wine barrels to create a TX dry rose wheat beer. Each release highlights a different winery and a different varietal. 4.7% abv.


New Braunfels Brewing: Saison de Rocier

Separate fermentations of raspberry and blackberry were blended with mature sour wheat at bottling. 6% abv.


Oakshire Brewing: The Carol Situation

Mixed Culture Oak-aged Saison- Blend of saisons aged in oak for over 2 years. Conditioned in packaged for over 1 year before release.


Oakshire Brewing: Nectarnal Slumber

Mixed culture Wheat saison aged in oak for 21 months. Refermented on locally grown Nectarines **OBA Bronze 2018


pFriem Family Brewers: Bosbessen

Fresh blueberries with a barrel-aged lambic-style ale. 6% abv.


pFriem Family Brewers: Abrikoos

Lambic-inspired ale brewed with 3 pounds of apricots per gallon. 5.4% abv.


pFriem Family Brewers: Oude Kriek

Lambic-style ale refremented for 10 months on fresh Hood River Cherries. 5.6% abv.


pFriem Family Brewers: Lemon Farmhouse

a traditional Farmhouse/ Saison base infused with Lemon Zest. 6.2% abv.


Propolis Brewing: Pi

cab franc and cab barrel aged strawberry rhubarb saison Brett 7.0 %


Propolis Brewing: Prunus

Grenache vat aged dark Flemish brown with black cherries 7.5%


Propolis Brewing: Granum

pinot noir blended barrel aged 5 grain saison 7.0%


Propolis Brewing: Chaga

farmhouse stout with chaga mushroom, walnut, cognac vat washed 8.0%


Propolis Brewing: Litha

chamomile lavender and sage saison 6.5%


Ruse Brewing: Briar Run

A blackberry and raspberry ale  aged in pinot barrels.


Saint Somewhere/Central State Brewing: Coq Rouge

a saison brewed with whole flower Hibiscus added to the boil and chicken feed was added to the grain bill. 5%abv.


Solera Brewery: Concord World

Organic Concord Grape in Wine BBLs


Stillwater Brewing: Sour Saison

A classic fruit forward Saison with an herbal hop character, a mild tartness on the palate and subtle hint of funk in the aroma. This is a collaboration with Stillwater Artisanal.


Stillwater Brewing: Superhop

Neo-tropical farmhouse IPA


Structures Brewing: Table Beer

Brewed with wheat, and spelt. Dry hopped with Nelson. Fruity aroma, lightly tart, highly drinkable. 3.9% abv.


Three Magnets Brewing: Calloused Heart Grisette

Mixed fermentation Grisette brewed with two Sacc strains and one Brett. 5%Abv.


Three Magnets Brewing: Helsing Junction Solera

Blended between 2014 Wine Barrel Helsing, 2015 Wine Barrel Helsing, and 2016 fresh Helsing Junction Farmhouse Saison. 7% abv and 25 IBu’s.


Three Magnets Brewing: Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed

Brewed in November of 2017 (something new) using a mixed culture from Andrew and Geoffrey (something borrowed), then blended with barrel aged 2015 Apricot Helsing Junction Farmhouse Ale (something old), and then bottle conditioned. 7% Abv.


Upright Brewing: Eye of Jupiter

a special blend combining a strong, openly fermented bière de garde with a batch of Six that spent several months in Oregon Native casks on top of second use pinot noir grapes. The beer threads a spicy oak and rye character with bright fruit and acids, while the bière de garde portion smooths it all out for an elegant profile. 7%


Upright Brewing: Pathways Saison

a mixed fermentation beer blended from a lot of barrels varying in vintage from three to nine months. Multiple yeast and bacteria strains develop complex flavors and aromatics within a saison base featuring classic malt flavors alongside an attractive hop profile with herbal, grass, and soft lemon notes.


Upright Brewing: Single Cask Vert

aging since dec 2016 in one of Upright’s original casks from their 2009 opening. Huge lime notes and tastes mega bright.


Urban Family Brewing: Ghost Flowers

foudre fermented tart saison with second use stone fruit and edible flowers, dry hopped with Saaz


Urban Family Brewing: Moon Path

foudre fermented sour with black currants and blackberries


Urban Family Brewing: Saison Magnolia

traditional Brett saison fermented with house culture


Wander Brewing: Plum Bob

Aged 18 months in an American oak foeder followed by subsequent aging on 600 lbs. of uncultivated wild plums foraged from the hills of the Yakima Valley. Ripe plums on the nose give way to notes of strawberry, kiwi, oak, vanilla and crisp clean effervescent sourness. 7.4% abv

Wander Brewing: Norwegian Farmhouse

“Kveik” yeast fermented at over 90 degrees in our open topped wooden foeder, this medium bodied, light amber colored ale showcases unique aromatics and flavors. A medley of bright, juicy citrus, ripe red apple as well as earthy and floral notes coexist while remaining drinkable and approachable. A foundation of locally sourced Skagit Copeland Ale base malt with German Oak Smoked Wheat malt as well as small additions of honey malt and brown malt bring balance to this otherwise yeast forward brew.


Wolf Tree Brewery: King of the Forest Oud Bruin

Our Oud Bruin starts with Spruce Tip Ale for its base beer. Half of the ale has been napping in our Pinot Noir barrels for the past year with our house lacto-strain, the other half is freshly brewed Spruce Tip that wanted to join the party. Put them together and you get a nice oaky aroma followed up by tart, fruity flavors with a malty backbone. Makes an amazing companion for hearty meals and holiday parties. ABV 6.5%  25 IBU


Wolf Tree Brewery: Sauvage Garde’n

Biere de Garde with wild yeast


Wolf Tree Brewery: Joe Peche

A Peach Saison


Wolf Tree Brewery: King of the Forest Oud Bruin


Wolves & People Farmhouse Brewery: Landbouw

Our refreshing grisette inspired by our visits to some of Belgium’s most revered breweries. It’s got a mellow, spicy bitter profile and orange hue, and its name means farming or agriculture in Dutch. Unfiltered, keg-conditioned, and easy-drinking, this version is one of our favorites yet, hopped with Perle, Mandarina Bavaria, and Styrian Golding.

4% ABV/ 20 IBUs


Yachats Brewing: Barrel aged Cetacea

This is a special batch of our Cetacea saison that we aged in barrels with brettanomyces. This batch is drier than our bottled version which lets The thoughtful addition of szechuan peppercorns, and our saison yeast reveal a bright, floral, and citrus experience.

Named after a widely diverse group of aquatic mammals, including whales and dolphins. 6.7% abv.


Yachats Brewing: Dry hopped Ten mile

10 different barrels were blended together to create a funky blend of Brettanomyces character with a slight oak dryness. And then, with complete and reckless abandon….. we dry hopped it!!! 7.2% abv


Yachats Brewing: TBD Barrel Blend/Secret Samurai

Several different saisons from various barrels were blended together to create a funky yet refreshing beer. Clean brettanomyces aromas and flavors are balanced by a light malt profile and tart pear like characteristics. 6.8% abv.




Agrarian Ales: Brevity

a barrel aged Biere de Garde fermented with three separate strains of Brettanomyces. 7.8% Abv.


The Ale Apothecary: Loganberry La Tache


The Ale Apothecary: Ralph


The Ale Apothecary: Spruce Sahalie


The Ale Apothecary: Blueberry La Tache


The Ale Apothecary: Wheat Wine


The Ale Apothecary: Be Still


De Garde Brewing: Nelson Hose


De Garde Brewing: Zwei Hose


Engine House No. 9: Amour Aux Myrtilles

Barrel Aged farmhouse ale with blueberries. 6.3% abv.


Engine House No. 9: The Duel

Wild ale with raspberries and cherries. 5.9% abv.


Engine House No. 9/Trois Dames: Le Visiteur

A collabo with Brasserie Trois Dames. A sour blend with Nectarberry (a boysenberry hybrid) and Obsidian Blackberry. 5.7% ABV


Holy Mountain Brewing: The Hart

Oak fermented Saison


Holy Mountain Brewing: The Goat

Foudre Aged Saison


Libertine Brewing: Framboise

A delicious fruit forward wild ale aged on raspberries.  We took our barrel aged golden ale and then transferred it onto a ton of deliciously juicy raspberries to age.  The tartness from the fruit really shines in this complex and very dry beer. Limited quantities available so grab it while you can.  6%abv


Little Beast Brewing/Modern Times: Modern Beast

Barrel Aged Sour Ale. A collaboration with Modern Times, this Super Saison is a twin bill of creativity and craft. Brewed with Vienna malt and Denali hops, it was fermented with our house yeast then and then aged in Pinot Noir oak barrels with Modern Times’s own mixed culture.


Little Beast Brewing: Ferme Rouge

Tart Red that is aged with French oak


Mirage Beer: Drie Valleien

saison aged in pinot noir barrels from the Willamette Valley with wild cultures from the Senne and Sonoma valleys (bottle only) 6.1%


Mirage Beer: Jonrón de Oro

saison aged and refermented in oak with fresh-pressed pinot gris from the Willamette Valley (bottle only) 7.6%


Mirage Beer: The Girl Who Was Death

a 51/49 blend of golden ale and fresh-pressed golden russet cider from the Yakima Valley fermented and aged in oak with a house culture


Propolis Brewing: Birch

saison aged 1 yr in Syrah barrels with local birch sap 7.0%


Propolis Brewing: Vesca

saison barrel aged 2yrs in a cab franc Barrel with alpine strawberries 7.0%


Propolis Brewing: Cherry Damiana

petite Verdot vat aged saison with golden cherries 7.0%


Propolis Brewing: Mahonia

Flemish dark ale aged in Sangiovese with Oregon grape 7.5%


Structures Brewing: Carcosa

Tart Saison fermented, and conditioned in Pinot Noir barrels for 18 months. Then transferred, and  conditioned on fresh organic Skagit Valley Raspberries for 3 months in stainless steel. Bottle conditioned with Brett.


Structures Brewing: Psychosphere
Saison fermented in stainless steel with a mixed culture of Belgian Saison yeast, and Brett C. Transferred to wine barrels and conditioned


Wander Brewing: Wild Warehouse

Aged nine months in Chardonnay barrels. European malts. Slovenian and British hops. Saison yeast. Glowing golden orange in color. Nectarine, fresh apple, pear, clover, tart. 6.8% abv


Wolves & People Farmhouse Brewery: Goldberry

An American wild saison aged a year in French oak Pinot noir barrels with our Amigos house sour culture and refermented with absurdly plump local golden raspberries from Sunshower Hill. The aroma of summer sunshine has officially been bottled!